Here is our live webcam for the construction site of Tour des Canadiens 2. Check back regularly for updates!


MAY 2017

Did you know that… the site of Tour des Canadiens 2 is part of the history of Montreal?

The old building located at the corner of Saint-Antoine and Jean D’Estrées streets was following the construction in 1914 the place for the internment of immigrants from enemy countries of Canada during World War 1. In order to preserve some of our history a segment of the new construction will use the stones from the original building.


April 2017

Tour des Canadiens 2 is out of the ground!
We are currently working on the structure of the 3rd level above ground. In addition, all concrete structures of the 4 levels of parking have been completed.

March 2017

Construction is well underway at Tour des Canadiens 2! To date, we have poured 8,200 cubic meters of concrete. We are the only residential construction site in Montreal to use 4 cranes simultaneously. Watch the Live Webcam to see where we’re at in the coming weeks!

General Project Information:
Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm