Here are our live webcams for the construction site of Tour des Canadiens 2 & Tour des Canadiens 3. Check back regularly for updates!

March 2018
Topping off Tour des Canadiens 2 has happened!
We are proud to have completed all concrete slabs and reached the maximum height of the structure. We have achieved this goal in record time.
November 2017
We take to heart the quality of our construction as well as the future quality of life of the owners. In fact, we will be performing many tests as construction progresses. For example, acoustic tests of the party walls will be conducted during the month of November to ensure an optimal rendering to the customers.
October 2017
We began the installation of the curtain wall for the Atrium of Tour des Canadiens 2. The installation process of the glass façade is progressing at a good pace. We receive additional glass panels every week at the construction site.
September 2017
We have started to make appointments with the future owners of TCD2 for them to make the final choices on the color of the finishes in their unit. Each owner will be presented with a choice of 3 color packages. Stay tuned!
March 2018
Official launch of the Tour des Canadiens 3!
It is with great joy that we made our launch of construction of the Tour des Canadiens3. A 55-storey building in the heart of downtown Montreal.